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This video is sponsored by brilliant november 3rd will decide a lot for the united states. The last four years have been marked with substantial environmental deregulation, climate denial and fossil fuel subsidies, so the upcoming u.

s election among other issues, will be a referendum on climate change. A chance to prove to the world that the u.s is serious about the environmental crisis that is now at our doorstep. But if we've seen what trump is capable of as president, what's, the other option? What exactly is joe biden's plan for tackling the climate crisis during his presidency, and is it the best the united states could be doing in the face of such an existential threat in a sentence? Joe biden's.

Climate plan is a two trillion dollar strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, with the goal of implementing those resources within his first term. That, at least is his plan's, overarching goal, and this goal of net zero carbon by 2050 is not only in line with scientific research, but also represents a much more aggressive approach to the climate crisis than biden's predecessors and For that matter, a lot of the democratic party it's, a fairly long plan, but here are some highlights of what biden hopes to accomplish with that two trillion dollars by 2030.

He wants to create net zero emissions standards for all new buildings, make all new us-made buses zero emissions, as well as create 250 000 jobs, plugging abandoned mines and oil wells by 2035. He hopes to create an electricity sector free of carbon pollution and within the first four years of his presidency, biden, seeks to spark a second railroad revolution by expanding high-speed rail across the country.

Importantly, 40 of this spending on infrastructure and clean energy will be directed towards historically disadvantaged and marginalized communities. In short, the biden climate plan is fairly progressive compared to other conservative democrats, which shows that pressure from climate activists is working so much so that biden's.

Climate agenda seems to be influenced by the core ideas of the green new deal. Indeed, he admits in his climate plan that the green new deal is a crucial framework to tackle climate change, because it recognizes the necessary scale of climate action and it highlights the interconnectedness of the environment and the economy.

That being said, the biden plan is still a much narrower version of what the green new deal envisions. So if biden's plan leaves a bit to be desired. Then what is the other option that our two-party system provides to be blunt trump's, climate plan, doesn't exist.

His administration has spent the last four years repealing the majority of obama's. Climate-Centered executive orders stacked his cabinet with oil, men and fossil fuel interests and has consistently refuted the reality of climate change.

It'll start getting cooler. You just watch. I wish science agreed with you during the coronavirus pandemic. The trump administration has pushed for even more subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, while barreling ahead with opening up new lands for oil extraction like the recently greenlit land auction for oil drilling in the arctic wildlife refuge in total he scaled back or eliminated over 150 environmental Measures in the united states trump's.

Climate plan at its core, then, is one of denial in action and dismantling an agenda that, if continued for the next four years, could lead to much more dire climate change scenarios than what we will already face.

In the next couple of decades, so based solely on climate change agendas, the choice is very clear in this upcoming election. One candidate is moving towards scientifically backed climate legislation and the other is actively battling against it, but is joe biden's plan? The answer to climate change: well, a sitting president cannot unilaterally decide to implement the kind of plans.

Biden is hoping to roll out. Biden will need the cooperation of the senate and the house to act decisively on climate change, which will undoubtedly be an uphill battle, and why it's important to elect climate leaders up and down the ballot biden's plan is by No means the most comprehensive, the most just or the most progressive critiques.

On the left point towards the plan's. Reliance on carbon capture technology, which the executive director of the indigenous environmental network, tom goldtooth, calls a quote-unquote false promise that will allow fossil fuel companies to continue to extract some point to biden's.

Reluctance to ban fracking as yet another red flag and looking at some of the informal energy advisors biden has chosen to surround himself with it's hard to be confident. That biden is serious about implementing his plan.

Many of his close personnel are ex-obama officials that, as the intercept reports, embraced fossil fuel development and technologies like fracking, while publicly trumpeting clean energy commitments. Biden has a long history as a corporate democrat developing and embracing conservative policy.

But right now he's. The best shot we have at avoiding climate chaos, ultimately varshini prakash, co-founder of the sunrise movement and a member of the policy group that helped expand the ambition of biden's.

Climate plan explained biden's, position on climate action best joe biden's. Plan isn't everything, but it isn't. Nothing at all. Electing one leader of one country will not decide the future of the world; it will certainly help, but for decades, activists and communities have been tirelessly working to dismantle our fossil fuel addicted economy through protests, blockades, mutual aid groups and much much more.

This is work that doesn & # 39. T require a vote yet influences the course of climate change. Your vote does matter, but that should be where your climate action starts not ends. Even if biden takes office there's, no guarantee that his climate agenda will come to fruition.

He's, had a history of taking the more conservative path, especially when it comes to climate change. Considering the scale of the climate crisis, we in the united states, who are the largest historical emitters of carbon dioxide, don't, have the luxury of taking a break after voting, because voting is just one tool for change.

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