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[, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]. My line is way to ride. [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], all right, everyone, [ Music ] for those that are watching it online. Just a couple things I want to point out: we're, going through the presentation, the projectors that is producing that image is powered by a Model S.

There are no wires, so that is a projector on a Model S with the energy. Coming from the battery pack - and that is what's - producing that that image and that that is the factory like a lot of people, marital eyes, that is, that is actually part of the factory.

That is not a screen and the people in the audience other people that have designed and engineered and built the model 3. Alright, so let's. Talk about what goes into making the model 3. It starts off with design alright, so graduates to design teams done a phenomenal job.

I enjoyed working with you every week. You guys are amazing. Nice work so the many elements of the design it's, the typical to actually say exactly what makes it good but except say we agonize over every curve over every detail: every corner, every element of the interior, the exterior, including things that people probably Won't even notice.

We we care about every eighth every every part of it. We aim for something that was a very simple clean design, because I think in the future, or really do for being now that I, the cars, will be increasingly autonomous.

So you won & # 39. T really need to look at an instrument panel. All that often you'll, be able to whatever you want, be able to watch movie talk to friends, go to sleep, every model, every Tesla being produced right now.

The model 3, the Model S Model X, has has all of the hardware necessary for full autonomy, and I think a lot of us to learn realize that it & # 39. S got eight cameras, it's, got a twelve ultrasonics onarts.

It's, got the forward radar and it & # 39. S got over ten tear offs of computing capability, that's, good marks interior. So one of the challenges with the car with, since it is smaller than a Model S.

How do we make a car that is smaller on the outside bigger on the inside? So we took an idea from the Model X, which was the the the canopy screen that makes you feel like you're in a Model X, makes feel like you're flying in helicopters.

Really has this amazing feel, and we turned that around put that on the rear of the Model 3, so that you could still have a great feel of rear headroom and how to have this amazing view, while being in a smaller car section was one of the Toughest design, challenges of making the model 3 and then, in terms of engineering, the car with the engineer, be a lot easier to both the Model.

S is amazing. Color is very hard to build, as we have to get the part countdown design still to be light, but also make it affordable and the I think the team & # 39. S done an amazing job of that and then, where this really shows us is in things like safety, so let's.

Take a look at the safety video. So on the line have you got the car that is one of the safest cars in the world of a Volvo s60 [ Applause ] so be there's, not cause the theta L five star and they are sort of five star.

That's, not a scientific metric, but they you can, but even though they're, something like the ball of a great car, they're by normal standards, very safe. The Volvo is arguably the second safest car in the world, but I think it is obvious which car you would prefer to be in in an accident.

So the first and foremost the engineering of the of the car was safety. Then, in terms of production, the thing that is going to be the major challenge for us over the next six to nine months is how do we build a huge number of cars? The meanest and frankly, we're, going to be in production, help and welcome.

Welcome welcome to production hell that's, going to be where we are for at least six months, maybe longer. But you guys know that your veteran, I've, been through this. So I look forward to working alongside you, 20 through health and, as the saying goes, if you're going through hell, keep going some just give you a sense of the size of factories that the premark carfax, where we are right now is the Second largest footprint building in the world and that's, going to ultimately produce half a million model trees and about a hundred thousand combined ethnics vehicles and many more if we can do it, but it just gives you I want to give you a Sense of the scale and the how much has to go right so then, a sensing question I get asked.

I noticed it's. The popping up on on on Twitter. Quite a lot. Where is my model? 3, sometimes not phrase quite as nicely as that: yeah um. Well, we're building the cars as fast as we can. We are going to drive this ramp as hard as we possibly can.

I have here a chart, so if you work at trouble falling asleep, then this chart will might help you. It is. The point is to give you a sense of how many actually works. There are 10,000 unique part in a model in a model 3, and these are coming from all over the world about about two thirds come from North America and about a third from the rest of the world.

But as you can see with this chart, which looks like we were being shot with, ICBMs like that, that is the ICBM chart actually, and he pursues a well. We need missile command command button, but almost anything that goes wrong anywhere in the world.

If we don't have, if we haven't buffered, the supply chain will interrupt the production progress. When you have 10,000 unique items in a connect in a vehicle or any any any object, any one of them can slow down the production process, so the production rate will move as fast as the slowest and least luckiest component in the whole mix.

Then I thought of that we have the gigafactory, so this is a solution. We started off with there being nothing. There was just a sort of desert and both what is now one of the lot it's, actually not be largest a battery factory.

In the world, and when it & # 39, s done will produce more lithium-ion batteries than the rest of global production combined for one building. So in fact, let's. Go to the goat factory live to bring connect to them.

There's, a whole bunch, people at the Nevada that helped make the fact the battery pack and the the motors of power train, and so we've, got giant giant factory, making battery packs and power trains, giant factory, making cars and Giant supply chain, and so all of those have to work together in in cadence in order to get to initial target of five thousand cars a week and then, hopefully by the next year towards ten thousand cars a week.

And then you & # 39. Re. Probably wondering okay: well, I be able to charge my car well. This is like probably the second most common question I get on Twitter, like the supercharger is full. What is wrong with you? Why are you such a huge idiot? Okay, sorry, okay, we are tripling the number of, but by the end of next year there will be three times as many super charges that are today.

That should really help out a lot. Essentially, you'll, be able to go almost anywhere in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and main part Asian and the Gulf area funnier next year. Eventually, you'll, be able to go anywhere on earth yeah.

So, thank you and it's. Actually, technically, you can go anywhere on earth because anywhere, where there's electricity, you can charge your card, so the supercharger is just about the old charger car really fast.

Okay, so let's. Talk about the specs for the model 3. There are two main variants there's. The standard in the long range. The standard well is going to be $ 35,000 for two and 20 mile range. It's, going to be a fast car, so the acceleration will still be 106 seconds, 10 30 mile an hour top speed and they can also get the long range one.

I wish I have arranged to 310 miles and be about roughly 5. Second. 0-60, 140 mile an hour top speed, so this it's, going to be a really great car Z will not be able to find a better car, gasoline or electric in that price range that is anywhere near is as great alright.

So let's head over some cars. We have the first 30. We have the first 30 production cars here being charged right now, right there, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], hey guys, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]; alright, so hey guys.

Those are actual owners getting actual production cars, hey [ Applause ], so there's. Actually let's see so there's. Actually, a total of 50 production cars that we've, made this month and 20 of which will be used for engineering validation, 30, which will be on the roads with with customers.

And I want to just say to those that have lined up for. I am a model 3 and and that some cases spent days outside of our stores to be personalist. I want I just want you know we we real. If that really matters to us.

I really care we're, going to do everything we possibly can to give you the car as soon as possible. So we're, going to work day and night to do right by to provide the oil. Today, you're, showing up.

Thank you for doing that, and then just a reminder. We've got now three cars introduction. Is that the the s the the s and the the three those letters can be combined? However, you'd like and the give you a sense if you order a model three now you & # 39, ll, probably get it towards the end of next year, but because the s and the X are in production, if you order them now, You can get them in about one or two months and as I'd like to thank about all the customers who have who own a Model, S net and those who who buy a Model S and an X.

Because in doing so, you make the three possible the money that we we make with with them s. Necks all goes into building model three. So thank you for doing that. Thank you for a long time supporters.

I thank you guys to make it. Thank you. [. Music ]